Tenant Management


Root Admin is a role is created during the installation of application.

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Root admin can have Jiffy authentication or LDAP authentication based on his choice during the installation.

Add New Tenant

The Root Admin creates the Tenants and its very first Tenant Admin. The Root Admin can define default role of a Tenant Admin.

  1. Click on the + icon.
  2. In the Add Tenant window, specify the following details: Image description

    • Tenant Name: Name of the Tenant.
    • Tenant Admin Name: Username of the Tenant Admin.

      Tenant Admin user name differs for SSO Integration and LDAP integration. The tenant Admin ID to be used should be associated within the SSO / LDAP profile.

    • First Name: First name of the Tenant Admin.
    • Last Name: Last name of the Tenant Admin.
    • Tenant Admin Email: Email ID of the Tenant Admin.
    • Sub Domain URL: Subdomains are created to organize and navigate to different sections of the website. A Subdomain is used to uniquely recognize the tenant and hence is specific to a Tenant. It is a keyword that is added to the URL so that it becomes unique to the Tenant. The Sub Domain value must be limited to a maximum of 8 to 10 characters.

      In the URL, example is the Sub Domain.

    • Tenant Admin Default Role: Select any one of the default role to be assigned for the tenant admin from the drop-down. It can be Designer, Release Admin, Business User, or Support User.

      The role is same for all admins in that tenant.

    • Enable user consent: Toggle ON, if you would like to receive consent.
    • Click the SAVE button to create the Tenant.

An invite is sent to the Email ID of the Tenant Admin using the email configuration details mentioned in the Email section of the Server Settings screen. Image description

When Tenant Admin accepts the invite, a Tenant is created in the system. The Invite Status varied depending on the following stages.

Invite Status Stages
Pending Until the user accepts the invite
Accepted When the user accepts the invite
Email Sending Failed In case the mail was not received by the user due to some error
Expired If the invite is not accepted within 7 days, the invite expires
Not Yet Active

Additional Options

The menu that appears on clicking the Image description icon for a Tenant Admin has the following options based on their Invite Status.

Invite Status Options
Accepted De-activate, Archive
Email Sending Failed Resend Email, Delete
Pending Resend Email, Delete
Expired Resend Email, Delete

Click on the Image description icon and choose the required option to perform the action.

  • Deactivate: Remove the tenant from the application temporarily. Once a Tenant is deactivated, Activate option is displayed.
  • Archive: Remove the tenant for a certain period of time and if required revive, within that period of time.
  • Resend Email: Resend the email invite.
  • Delete: Remove the tenant from the application permanently.

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