Overview of Presentation


In, Presentation is the user interface provided to Business users to work with their business data. They can view, validate, and modify the data as required by the process flow. They can review and approve the documents processed, also raise new requests for Document processing via forms on presentations. The entire business process flow is managed by business users through presentations.

The visual representation of business data makes complex data from different sources more accessible, understandable, and usable. Business users get relevant insights to the current state of the business process to make quick decisions.

The following two points are important in making a remarkable Presentation:

Presentation = Content + Design

  • Content (What will your Data talk about? Does it convey the message?) 
  • Design (How do you support your message with visuals?)

A Sales Analysis Presentation

  • Gives an overview of the state of the sales activities within the company.
  • Shows the different trends of sales volume over a certain time, the different steps of the sales funnel, and the performance of sales executives.

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Presentation Homepage

Click the HyperApp in the App Summary page, the default Presentation for that App is displayed. The page will be blank if Presentations are yet to be created.

Click the Image description icon to navigate to the Presentation Homepage.

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All Presentations created in the HyperApp are listed with their Name, Owner, and Last Modified date.

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Additional Options

Click the Image description icon for additional options.

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  • Rename: To rename the Presentation.
  • Delete: To delete the Presentation.
  • Duplicate: To create a copy of the Presentation.
  • setAsDefault: To set the Presentation as Default Presentation. The keyword DEFAULT gets assigned to the Presentation and is displayed in the HyperApp Homepage.
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