Overview of Task

Last Updated: May 10, 2022


Task is the unit in, which receives the necessary input and carries out the automation process as designed by the Designer.
In the Design Studio, Designer designs the task for each of the automation activities using the in-built nodes which perform the desired actions of the automation process.
Tasks along with the Datasets, Presentations and, Forms automate the complete business process HyperApp.

Consider a Master Data Automation HyperApp, where the vendor data is received in an email. The bot is expected to read the email, create an entry in SAP, upload the attachments, and send a response email to the requestor.

This business process to be automated can be divided into activities which the Designer accomplishes by designing the Task using the in-built nodes to perform each of the actions. The nodes are connected together, inputs passed from one to another and when they are executed, the business process is automated.

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