Design a New Task

Last Updated: May 10, 2022


Create Task

  1. Select a HyperApp from the App Summary screen where the new task is to be added.  Image description
  2. Click the Image description icon on the menu bar to open the Tasks screen. All the Tasks within the HyperApp are listed here. Image description
  3. Click the + icon to create a new task and give it an intuitive name. Image description

A Task is created with a unique Task ID and you are redirected to the Design Studio.

Design Task

In the Design Studio, you can design a task to perform target actions using the in-built nodes.

In the above example, the overall process can be divided into the following activities:

  1. You can use the Email Browser node to read the email, download the attachment, and write the email details to the Jiffy Table.
  2. You can use the Jiffy Select node to fetch the data from the Jiffy Table where the email details are stored.
  3. You can use the SAP node to upload the attachments and update the status in SAP.
  4. You can use the Email Sender node to send a completion email with the document number generated.
  5. Image description

  1. By default, the Design Studio is in Edit mode for the newly created task.
  2. Drag and drop the required nodes from the Nodes panel.
  3. Connect the nodes in the sequential order of the automation flow.
  4. Set the Configurations, Properties, and Actions for all the nodes. To know more about nodes, click here.

    The task autosaves every 30 seconds.

  5. Click the Image description icon to execute the task in design mode.
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